Belonging is a core human need, not to be confused with fitting in.

If you can breathe, I know you know the pull to dull your inner colors, to mask yourself, to confront the world with a face that will please at least somebody, at the expense of your own…


Grinds, binds, finds

The truth and digs it up.

It pulverizes the roots and pushes,

Pushes, pushes their life

To the surface where they can be

Seen, naked and alive,

Stark and unyielding. Nothing

Can escape the writhing, shifting,

Dreaming tendrils of its power.

Humans know this.

I know

Anger spins through the system at lightning speed. It grasps and reaches in every direction, attempting forcefully to pull the cleverest blade out of the darknesses and hurl it mercilessly at the nearest external mirror. This world, how cruel it is, says the mind, the pained and claimed generator of…

Today I want to run away.

So I will.

I’ll hide in the farthest mountains, beneath the deepest swells in the ocean. I will trace my own trajectory into the fields of the unknown until I no longer recognize the patterns. My old life will fall away along with the…

The day breaks

Me open

With words.

It speaks softly

Of simple things:

Of birds and breath

And mind.

It asks me:

“What is it

That you are

To do?”

I now know

That I have never


Follow The Flow (A Semi-Conscious Dream)

Torn but not bloodied from my lips, these words. Not a vicious doing, merely with blinding deliberation. Lead me astray, will you? No, just watch and wait.

Slowly. Slowly… Let the letters slip, drip — melting, melting — meet the pavement without a sound…

“Put on that face. Every morning. You say it’s yours. You think it is, even. Mask the features of the subconscious with that mahogany, ice, stone, glass, fire, dew, sun, cloud, or what have you. Let it tell the story. More fluid it will be to abandon that which you…

Prairie Johnson

If we are going to transform the world, we must begin with ourselves. I write what is inside of me so that you might find what is inside of you.

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